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Murder in Hoosier-ville: Gay I.U. professor killed by Marine

Don Belton, Indiana University Professor


Don Belton, an openly gay man and assistant professor in English at Indiana University, was found stabbed to death in his home during the last week of 2009.  Michael James Griffin, 25, of Bloomington, Indiana has already been charged with Belton’s murder.  Griffin is decorated member of the Marine Corps who served in Iraq.   

The two men appeared to have had a short, confused relationship   

According to local news stories, Griffin told investigators Belton had sexually assaulted him twice on Christmas. Then early that Sunday, Griffon went to see Belton at his home to talk about the incident. According to Detective Marty Deckard’s sworn statement. “He (Griffin) felt that Mr. Belton was not in any way forgiving and that he did not show or express any type of feeling that what had taken place was a mistake.”  It was at this visit that the argument turned physical, and Griffin stabbed Belton with a 10-inch blade “until he quit moving,” according to the report.   

I have yet to hear this story hit the national GLBT news media.  And I have to wonder why… Is it no longer a national headline that a gay man was brutally stabbed to death by a possible lover who has claimed that this much older, and apparently less physically fit gay man anally assaulted him while he slept.  And supposedly his girlfriend was in bed with him at the time


Michael Griffon, Charged with Murder


I waiting to see if this case gets any national attention and how the trial will play out.  I wonder if the PTSD excuse will be used or if anti-gay jurers will be sympathetic to Griffin being a victim of an alleged rape, even though that really does not seem physically possible.   

More than likely, Griffin had been living a double-life.  The tragedy is that Griffin does have a 2 year old son, but hopefully he is young enough not to process the evils his dad has committed.   

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