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Gay Identity vs. chrixians: Greed, Aversion, Dillusions

First of all, I am coining the term “chrixians” so as not to be confused with Christians, true followers of Christ. It is evident that a chrixian culture has emerged separate from any Biblical teachings of Christ.  Organized religion has long tradition of being used as a means of social power and pressure to conform to certain behaviors.  This unfortunate truth is reiterated in our current culture especially in the context of gay identity and the chrixian evangelicals who surround themselves with money and power while falsely condemning minorities in Christ’s name.

I do believe there are still many true Christians, folks with hearts and souls who choose to act toward all humans with love, compassion, and servitude.  This is in contrast to the prideful, avaricious chrixians that seek to control out of fear. 

Three of the main tools used by chrixians against the Gay community are Greed, Aversion, and Dillusions. Many chrixians covet material goods.  They need to gather in the most modern buildings adorned with elaborate decor and strongly preach at members to give, give, and give. And by giving, they mean money.  As long as chrixians shows  up once a week and writes a check, then they will be saved. Fear and far between are those chrixian members who are willing to give of themselves and sacrifice some of their precious time.

Aversion is the #1 tool used against the gay community. The chrixian leaders play off the fears of their followers. Almost all men grew up in an environment where being “gay” was a consistant slur and label of what was uncool or something to avoid.  It is used as a verbal signal that you are not living up to your masculinity. For women, anti-gay chrixians often bring children into the discussion, working against mothers’ protective instinct.  Slogan’s such as “gays recruit” or the myth that gays are all child molesters strike fear into women’s hearts.

This line of thought plays into the dillusions held on by so many chrixians.  Scientifically reasonings is so quickly dismissed in any discussion of gay issues. None of the myth regarding gays and children have any scientific validity. The chrixians will simply answer that the Bible was against homosexuality, so they must be as well. Moreover, it is their chrixian duty to make sure that everyone believes as they do.  This is not the post to get into the topic of how the Bible is virtual silent on the issue of gay identity as we know it today.  But it is easy to point out how any scriptures that are even remotely gay-related are at the very least a minor topic in the Bible, so much so that Jesus himself never even brought up the topic in any of his teachings. 

I’ll tell you what was important, loving your neighbor as yourself, being non-judgmental, living a life of servitude, and being giving and compassionate.

So I challenge you to call out those chrixians on their motives.  Do they say their words out of fear or out of love?  And, even those speaking out of love, are they dillusional thoughts based on no sound logic? Just seem for yourself how often the theme of either greed, aversion/fear, or dillusions are behind the intentions of chrixians.

An Episcopal priest responds

Here is one Christian perspective on being gay… 
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 14:25:47 -0500
I certainly don’t want to address ECLA polity and governance.  I wouldn’t know a thing about how they are ruled.  On the matter of homosexuality as the Episcopal church seems to address it:
1.  We have increasing evidence that a homosexual orientation is not a matter of an individual’s choice.
2.  That means that the orientation is either the result of environmental influences or is innate (read: God-given)
3.  Research has been unsuccessful in finding causes or correlation between a homosexual orientation and environmental factors (especially in studying families) and appears to be closing in on actual differences in brain structure as a cause.
That’s the science
Here’s the theology:
1.  the word “homosexual” did not exist until the 19th century, and while same-sex relationships have probably been around as long as human beings (and many other species) the Bible does not directly make any statement about that as an orientation or as a lifestyle.
2.  in some  cults, sex was a part of religious practice, and since there is always a conflict between Yahwehism and other “pagan ” religions, bible writers stressed those distinctions.
3.  The Bible is clear that the value of a human being is so great that force or the threat of force to coerce anything is wrong; therefore any forced sexual activity is wrong (see the visitors to Sodom).  Other scripture passages are very unclear about their actual meaning.  Greek and Hebrew words hint at certain kinds of behavior, but attributes like force or even sloth are always a part of the word meanings. 
4.  One of the earliest descriptions of human beings is that “it is not good for the man to be alone,” yet those who oppose homosexual relationships offer only celibacy as an alternative.
5. There probably has never before been a distinct option for a recognized monogamous relationship between same-sex couples.  There certainly have been such couples throughout history, and the result of their love was always something good for God’s Kingdom.  “By their fruits you shall know them”
6. The Episcopal church calls all couples to the same standards of fidelity and love and permanence.
Hope that’s grist for the mill.